You are aware she only directed one episode of x-files, 3 of walking dead, 1 of better call saul, and 4 of game of thrones right? She did direct 11 of Breaking Bad though. Thats not saying she's not good but the implication you're making is that her directing made those shows...which is not the case at all. » 4/14/15 8:12am 4/14/15 8:12am

The Fitz/Simmons fakeout was precisely a fakeout right up until Fitz was told Simmons was helping out Pointy Shield in opening the box. The way he paused looking at what she was trying to do gave that away. The only way that could have been telegraphed more is if Fitz threw two fists in the air in victory and… » 4/08/15 8:59am 4/08/15 8:59am

Digital money has a future...but not as its currently envisioned. Currency is more and more becoming digital. Just look at people, myself included, who rarely have cash and instead use their debit cards. I rarely have hard currency, and virtually all of my purchases are with digital hard currency. » 4/07/15 4:25pm 4/07/15 4:25pm

No. That’s not correct once you get past a certain point. Once you reach that point Pay is tied to perceived value, market availability, and most importantly connections. Its not tied to actual value. There may be actual value in many of those people, but that is less important than perceived value. And even that is… » 4/03/15 11:43am 4/03/15 11:43am